Sonoma State University Economic Outlook

On Wednesday, February 27th North Bay business leaders attended Sonoma State University’s Economic Outlook Conference at the newly opened Weill Hall at the Green Music Center. The focus of the event was “Game-Changers: Innovations and Leaders Transforming the North Bay Economy”.

Keynote speeches were provided by Sandy Weill, Former Chairman and CEO of Citigroup, and lead donor to the Green Music Center; and Dr. Robert Eyler, Frank Howard Allen Research Fellow in Economics, at Sonoma State University (SSU). Nearly 700 university students also attended the event as members of a large civics course taught at the university. [Read more…]

Sonoma Adult Community Update – 2012

2012 marked a year of transition for Sonoma Valley’s adult communities. Prices and the volume of homes sold had been falling steadily since the market peak of 2005-2006. Prices began to stabilize in late 2011, with 2012 showing marked increases beginning in spring and extending through year end. [Read more…]

Sonoma Market Recap 2012

The results for real estate transactions for 2012 are in, and the news is encouraging. By nearly every measure, the market has improved with more homes being sold, for higher prices received, in less time, and for a greater percentage of the Seller’s asking price. [Read more…]